Theatres of conversation and exchange have held great historical importance in the form of Salons. The Salon dates back to 17th Century France as the official art exhibition of the Beaux-Arts Academy in Paris. Residency programs provide environments for creative practitioners to live and interact with one another.

The Artist Salon & Residency Programs at The GREYSTONE Project will establish an arena for participants : emerging African American Women architects, designers, visual artists and writers to share their recent creations. The Residency Program will augment the Artist Salon offering the benefit of time, space, and collaboration away from the usual work world (Park Manor Coach House Artist Studios and The Greystone Residence Artist Apartments). Both Artist Salon members and Residency Artists will participate in programs at The Greystone Residence (host lectures and exhibitions). The programs will showcase emerging talented and artistic African American Women at the center of contemporary developments and events in the art and design world.

The Park Manor Coach House is a 2-story, masonry building comprised of 1400gsf. The renovation conversion will accommodate a 1st Floor: Antique Gallery and 2nd Floor: Artist Residency Studio Spaces.