The Greystone Residence is a spatial testimony to an appreciation for 19th & early-20th century Residential Architecture, Decorative Arts, House Museums and Period Interiors. The Greystone Residence represents a commitment to preserving the past and spirit of places we live, embodying a vision to turn an old home into a work of art, a stunning environment for living. The Greystone Residence, evokes the spirit of Sir John Soane, with a creative versatility that explores design as “a spatial layering of remote memories in time and life.” Historical influences can provide creative impressions and nourishment from life, processed and personalized to take form and meaning. Like Soane, Clemenstien Love has created an interior architectural LABORATORY. The conceptual layering of eclectic material details in multiple rooms, when examined carefully; differ from each other yet seem to harmonize. The resulting interior landscapes transform rooms into evocative surroundings of startling beauty, a collection of artistically handcrafted interior architectural – “roomscapes.”

In finding solutions for rooms, it is important to refer back to the four walls. The magic of a place develops in that very cavity. Unlike the façade of the house and unlike a painting or sculpture, the view of a room lies precisely in its hollow form, at the center of its four walls. In the room, the walls surround a person; light, the light of morning, of afternoon, and of evening, the artificial lights of night, transforms everything. In the morning the room is ignited by the sun, with strong shadows; in the afternoon it is softened; at dawn, it is cold; toward evening, gilded; and then, ashine with the blaze of nighttime lights. Every object, material surface, painting, sculpture, piece of furniture is involved in the process and every room has its most beautiful hour. The Greystone Residence embraces the luxury of craftsmanship – artistically handcrafted environments – bringing a spirit to each room to create a lyrical spatial masterpiece, resulting in a total work of art that is more a poem than a house.

The Design Archive Collection illustrates insights for designing particular spaces, small or large, exterior or interior and traces the solutions originated to create them. Through early conceptual sketches, scaled computer drawings, color renderings, full-scale detail mock-ups, material collage palettes and photographs, the story of each “roomscape” unfolds. Rich artistic detail is demonstrated through the use of extraordinary color palettes, painted effects, material surface embellishments, textile applications, curated vintage objects and fixtures, sculptural placement of built-in architectural elements and free-standing furniture. All are organized to create a dramatic dimensional collection of theatrical “roomscapes.”

The Greystone Residence is an artistic visionary idea realized to create an environment where artist could live and work in an inspirational setting. Work and ideas are about the act of creation, ideas evolve from the act of creation, all is evidenced in The Greystone Residence. Any creative person learns by doing; for Clemenstien Love, this architectural experience has been the greatest creative endeavor. The Greystone Residence presents a collection of beautifully composed disparate interior architectural “roomscapes,” linked by common themes and the single hand that created them, A Handmade Home.